Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There are many important words in our lives. Some words are nonsense others convey great meaning in our lives. Of all the words that we can focus on in all of history the three most important words ever uttered were “It is Finished”. Without context these words may mean little. In the context when they were voiced by a bruised and bleeding man hung on a cross they become the most important words to Human Kind ever. It was in the person of that Man that the Creator of the Universe paid for the sins of us all. It was there where my sins were redeemed. Those words echo across history calling out to the lost and dying world that Christ came to purchase with His own life.

In each of our personal lives there are words of significance. Perhaps the most important of my life were tied to the three words of Christ. They were “Jesus please come into my heart” Those words occurred in my mind one night as a young boy. That was when I accepted the gift purchased for me by the life of Christ. It took me years to realize just how significant those Words were for me. That they would be forever etched in the fabric of my life. They have set the course of all the Chapters and Sentences to follow.

A few days ago there were words given to me that will change my life once again. They may be the second most important words of my life. Strangely they are tied to the other words I’ve talked about. The Words of Jesus on the cross and the Words thought by a small boy in his bed. The Context of those words are rooted in the leading of God in two different lives of two different people from opposite sides of the world. Both share a love of God and His redemption. Both have sought the leadership of our Great Creator and Redeemer. The words were in answer to a question. Those Words were “Yes I’ll Marry You”.