Friday, May 28, 2004

Stormy Weather

Well once again last night we had forecasts for strong thunder storms (I guess they worked out or something). We were not disappointed we got what was predicted. It is interesting to look out in your back yard and see a raging creek.. Hmm wait a minute I don't have a creek in my back yard, well last night I did.
Anyhow had the standard go hide in your basement warnings of TV. I was glad to follow their advice. I think today will be sort of a nice day maybe not violent storms.

Taking a vacation day today. First day in two weeks that has been meetings free. I would sure like to kick the meetings habit, just say no to meetings. Not really sure what happened one day I went to work checked out calendar and realized my job was made up of going to meetings.. Oh bother...

Well need to go.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

It Burns our eyes my preeecccciousss

Today on the way to work there was this strange bright,
yellowish orb hanging in the sky.. I seem to have a distant
memory of rumors of such a strange thing but I can't really
place. I'm going to have to do some research on this strange

I long for the familiar gray covering over our world. The
comforting waters falling from the sky, the awesome flashes of
light that shake the world..

Okay. So it has been awhile since I've seen the sun.. I think
we have had enough rain to make a duck tired of it.. And I'm a
bit tired of the storms.. Hmmm but they have been giving me
something to write about.

Looks like we will be getting rain again this afternoon. I
actually like rainy days a little more than most people I know.
But I've had enough. An nice sunny day would be a good change.

Now I have a pair of sunglasses around here somewhere, where are
they. Oh yeah under that pile of dust.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Here comes the rain again.

Storms continue to move through the area.. Had a real scare
this afternoon while at work. Heard this terrible clatter on
the roof, ran to the window and would have thrown up the sash to
see what was the matter. But we don't have those with the
wonderful tinted glass office windows. Anyhow back to the story
at hand, what should appear to my wondering eyes but a pea size
pellet of ice. Okay think it must be time to go home. Luckily
the hail turned out to be pretty brief and did not cause any
damage to my Explorer..

When I finally left work I noticed this angry black cloud
descending on us. So, I thought to my self, self it is time to
get home. Pretty much the whole way home a driving sheet of
rain followed me. As I pulled into my neighborhood the friendly
Tornado sirens started. Danger Will Robinson, hmmm to be in the
basement. If the reports on the news were right I missed a
tornado by about 5 or so minutes around 270, and 40..

Thank you God. I'm not really wanting to visit OZ just yet..

Mighty Rushing Wind.

Tuesday morning about 12:30 am as I lay in bed reading I heard
this awful roaring of wind, with a large craaaccckkkk. At which
time I thought hmmm let's see think it is now time to go the
the basement and hide in the corner.. Now where is that cat....
Lets see need to grab the laptop so I can see when to come back
up.. Hope the WiFi does not get wiped out.. Now where is that

Well after getting up and dressing I went out to see only a
small amount of movement in the trees and nothing that really
looked basement worth... Maybe time to turn on the TV. All the
local stations were in Danger Will Robinson mode. Seems a
severe thunder storm was coming through the area and St. Charles
had wind gusts of 58 mph.. That seems like a pretty serious
wind gust. The storm was on track to move through the area in
another 20 or so minutes.

After getting up the next morning I looked out in the back yard
and remembered the craaaaccckkkk from the night before. Seems
that one of the trees in the back yard had the the top broken
off.. Oh well lets see do I need a chain saw.....

Think I might be better off having a tree service do it since it
is still attached to the top of the tree. O bother......

But hey it is really pretty good. I have not had any hail come
uninvited to visit like some of my friends and the tree did not
kill any fences or land in someone else's yard....

Monday, May 24, 2004