Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Is Finished.

It is Finished! The words recorded simply in John 19:30. Echo down the corridors of History. These words announce with absolute finality with no room for doubt. It is Finished. In all of History these words are among the most important ever uttered by anyone. These words ushered in a Covenant made by God with mankind.

The Genesis of this event goes back to the beginning of our time. When Holy God in His wisdom created a Man and a Woman knowing that they would reject Him. God knowing the awful price that would be required to reconcile that relationship gave the Man and the Woman freedom to make their own choice. In that moment of decision they rebelled and were exiled from the fellowship of God who loved them.

Yet at that moment Holy God decreed a promise. He told the Man and the Woman that a child would rise up to crush the head of the serpent and pay the debt for sin. Then History waited, and waited. At the appointed time a Woman conceived a child that was in nature fully man but also by nature fully God. God had sent His son into this world.

God in the person of Jesus Christ dwelt among men. He taught us many things. He established His Church to carry on His Word and Work. He Healed the sick, and sinful, He forgave the guilty. But most important of all He came to a place and time. Where Man in his own wisdom cried out crucify Him. Our very creator came to be with us and we in our own wisdom cried out for His death. Oh, Shame on all of mankind, when confronted by God we wish to destroy Him.

The Cross where Christ died in agony brings us to these words. These Precious words, where a Holy God in the person of Jesus Christ paid the debt of Sin. Where the Son of God took upon Himself all the sins of the world, all the sins ever committed all the sins ever to be committed. There on a hill in this small insignificant world the Creator took the burden of Sin upon Himself. When the transaction was complete he uttered those three words “It Is Finished” and mankind was redeemed. By nothing good in our self, no act was capable, only by the Blood of Jesus and the words “It Is Finished”.

Now what will you do with these words? Will you accept them, in your life? Will you take this healing blood and cleanse the stain of sins from your entire life? Or will you reject the Holy God that offered Himself up, on that cross? Will you reject Him and make the choice to walk into Hell knowing that so long ago “It Was Finished”?