Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yahoo! News - 'Fahrenheit' Sets Stage for New Crop of Documentaries

Yahoo! News - 'Fahrenheit' Sets Stage for New Crop of Documentaries

Oh great now we will have reality tv cloggin up the Theaters now.. I go to movies to see unreality I have enough reality at work and out the window at home. Okay I do like some real documentaries on like the History Channel or Discovery Channel and the Shakleton movie was interesting. But I really don't need to see that stuff on the big screen. And I really figure this is going to be more like Reality TV than real Documentaries. That is all we need is Survivor on the big screen. Come on give me fantasy. I'll stick to the real world for reality.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What is that Dark spot

I think you all have already heard about the new speed-o-meter for the bike.  The first time I rode with it though I noticed this dark spot on the display that was really annoying.  But when I got home and in the house it seemed to be gone.  So I thought well maybe it was a one time thing or maybe heat related.  I'll see what happens next time.  Well went biking Saturday with some friends and I noticed that the spot was back.  I decided I was going to have to take the speed-o-meter back and get it replaced.  I went to show it to my friend Dave..  I said see this here spot I guess I have to take this back.  And Dave was like what spot..  I'm like this Spot right here can't you see it..  I moved it around it was plain as day to me..  Why couldn't he see it.  Then the little light in my head went off.  Let me take my POLARIZED sunglasses that I wear for fishing but like also for biking because they have a strap on them OFF.  Lo and Behold the Spot disappeared...  Put the glasses back on Spot reappeared.  Spot on Spot off..  Hold up glasses so friends can see spot.......  Problem solved....

Monday, July 12, 2004


Hey got a new Bike seat, no more numbness...  If you have not ridden a bike as an adult you may not know what I mean if you have then you know..  The only prob is the new seat is sort of slippery with the bike pants and all so I have to keep moving back up the seat...  Oh well but the new seat with no numbness is pretty cool.

I also got a speed-o-meter.  That is really really neat.  Cool to be going along and look down and see how fast you are going.  Sort of mesmerizes you kinda of going along oh look I'm going 12 oh look 10 oh look 11 oh look 9 so cool so cool.

Biked on Grant's trail was pretty nice.  It is all paved well at least the part I rode on was.  Lots of bladers and walkers and kids.  So you sort of had to weave in and out of the..   Got to see the Clydesdale out at Grant's farm..


Friday, July 09, 2004

On that home ownership is a pain thing

Well for the last few weeks I've heard the sound of water drip
drip dripping.. After a little looking I found that the the
toilet was running running running. Turns out that the little
thing that shuts off the water in mine is not made very well.
Lots and lots of complaints on the toilet forums (yes there
really are such a thing). So got a new fulidmaster 400a and put
it in. It was pretty easy. I'm turning in to a regular handy
man.. Well if the women don't find you handsome they should at
least find you handy.

Trees and wind

Well I'm a bit tired of wind in the trees. I had another tree
top come out of a silver maple and go cart wheeling through the
air. This must have been one heck of a wind (happened the night
of the ice storm). Snapped the tree off clean, and then carried
it about 20 or 30 feet through the neighbors carport. So after
talking with my law inclined friends it is the storm that did
the damage not the tree. And I don't have responsibility for
the damage it is all up to her insurance... But per her
insurance agent it is my responsibility to clean up the junk.
Oh well got the tree guys to fix everything up in my yard too
and now I have a little pile of firewood. You know home
ownership is sort of a pain..

Monday, July 05, 2004

Ice Ice

Well just went through the first hail storm at the house.  I think the biggest it go was jelly bean size.   Which by the way make a terrible racket when you are in the house.  But it does not appear to have caused much damage.  We also got a lot of rain and it is still thundering in the distance.  And oh year I'm in the dark which is a real pain since tonight was the Star Gate SG1 to Atlantis special.  Got to watch about 10 minutes of it then boom into the dark..  I'm only able to be on the Internet thanks to a big old back UPS..  I had one on the tv computer but it lasted only about 10 minutes before it went down hard.  So I'm ready my the lantern and hoping the power comes back on soon.  It is not to fun to sleep with out the CPAP any more.  And I have a 9:00am meeting oh bother...  Don't even have a working alarm clock..