Monday, July 12, 2004


Hey got a new Bike seat, no more numbness...  If you have not ridden a bike as an adult you may not know what I mean if you have then you know..  The only prob is the new seat is sort of slippery with the bike pants and all so I have to keep moving back up the seat...  Oh well but the new seat with no numbness is pretty cool.

I also got a speed-o-meter.  That is really really neat.  Cool to be going along and look down and see how fast you are going.  Sort of mesmerizes you kinda of going along oh look I'm going 12 oh look 10 oh look 11 oh look 9 so cool so cool.

Biked on Grant's trail was pretty nice.  It is all paved well at least the part I rode on was.  Lots of bladers and walkers and kids.  So you sort of had to weave in and out of the..   Got to see the Clydesdale out at Grant's farm..


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