Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What is that Dark spot

I think you all have already heard about the new speed-o-meter for the bike.  The first time I rode with it though I noticed this dark spot on the display that was really annoying.  But when I got home and in the house it seemed to be gone.  So I thought well maybe it was a one time thing or maybe heat related.  I'll see what happens next time.  Well went biking Saturday with some friends and I noticed that the spot was back.  I decided I was going to have to take the speed-o-meter back and get it replaced.  I went to show it to my friend Dave..  I said see this here spot I guess I have to take this back.  And Dave was like what spot..  I'm like this Spot right here can't you see it..  I moved it around it was plain as day to me..  Why couldn't he see it.  Then the little light in my head went off.  Let me take my POLARIZED sunglasses that I wear for fishing but like also for biking because they have a strap on them OFF.  Lo and Behold the Spot disappeared...  Put the glasses back on Spot reappeared.  Spot on Spot off..  Hold up glasses so friends can see spot.......  Problem solved....

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