Monday, July 05, 2004

Ice Ice

Well just went through the first hail storm at the house.  I think the biggest it go was jelly bean size.   Which by the way make a terrible racket when you are in the house.  But it does not appear to have caused much damage.  We also got a lot of rain and it is still thundering in the distance.  And oh year I'm in the dark which is a real pain since tonight was the Star Gate SG1 to Atlantis special.  Got to watch about 10 minutes of it then boom into the dark..  I'm only able to be on the Internet thanks to a big old back UPS..  I had one on the tv computer but it lasted only about 10 minutes before it went down hard.  So I'm ready my the lantern and hoping the power comes back on soon.  It is not to fun to sleep with out the CPAP any more.  And I have a 9:00am meeting oh bother...  Don't even have a working alarm clock..


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