Thursday, May 27, 2004

It Burns our eyes my preeecccciousss

Today on the way to work there was this strange bright,
yellowish orb hanging in the sky.. I seem to have a distant
memory of rumors of such a strange thing but I can't really
place. I'm going to have to do some research on this strange

I long for the familiar gray covering over our world. The
comforting waters falling from the sky, the awesome flashes of
light that shake the world..

Okay. So it has been awhile since I've seen the sun.. I think
we have had enough rain to make a duck tired of it.. And I'm a
bit tired of the storms.. Hmmm but they have been giving me
something to write about.

Looks like we will be getting rain again this afternoon. I
actually like rainy days a little more than most people I know.
But I've had enough. An nice sunny day would be a good change.

Now I have a pair of sunglasses around here somewhere, where are
they. Oh yeah under that pile of dust.

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