Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Here comes the rain again.

Storms continue to move through the area.. Had a real scare
this afternoon while at work. Heard this terrible clatter on
the roof, ran to the window and would have thrown up the sash to
see what was the matter. But we don't have those with the
wonderful tinted glass office windows. Anyhow back to the story
at hand, what should appear to my wondering eyes but a pea size
pellet of ice. Okay think it must be time to go home. Luckily
the hail turned out to be pretty brief and did not cause any
damage to my Explorer..

When I finally left work I noticed this angry black cloud
descending on us. So, I thought to my self, self it is time to
get home. Pretty much the whole way home a driving sheet of
rain followed me. As I pulled into my neighborhood the friendly
Tornado sirens started. Danger Will Robinson, hmmm to be in the
basement. If the reports on the news were right I missed a
tornado by about 5 or so minutes around 270, and 40..

Thank you God. I'm not really wanting to visit OZ just yet..

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