Friday, June 18, 2004

Can you hear the Music.... Can you hear it now... How about now....

Well I dug out my HipZip and charged it up got it working started messing with it and got to the point where it would play music the first time I turned it on and then it would continually state that it the disk in it did not have any valid music files. Finally decided that it might be time to update.. So started searching for something that I could stick SD cards in. Man are MP3 players expensive and very few of them are expandable. Found the Digitialway MPIO FL100, it seemed to have nice features so I fired up Amazon and ordered one. As an mp3 player it is pretty cool but does suck up the old AAA battery pretty quick (Packages of NiMHs fixed that) has good play back, I'm not really into a lot of base. And took SD cards.. But the software for it is el stinko.... You know how you should plug in a usb device and it shows up as a drive and you just drag and drop simple.. NOOOOOO They have there own little retarded program for putting files on it.. I loaded looked at it and started searching for an alternative. There is a plug in for Windows Media but it seemed to lock up. Looked at a Screen Savers recommendation called SVETA part of DB Power amp. So far that is the tool I'm going to go with.. So as a player it is pretty nice but the tool for putting stuff on it gets an el-stinko rating... So if they would come up with some drivers for Win XP so it would look like a drive would be double plus good. Oh I have a Dazzle and can use that to dump songs on the SD. The Dazzle is USB 2.0 where the player seems to be USB 1.1 sort of slow to copy 384 Meg (128 Meg Internal, and 256 Med SD).

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