Sunday, June 12, 2005

First Bike ride this summer

Made my first bike ride this summer. You know you just forget how much that darn seat can hurt. So now I'm walking around really really slow and going ow a lot. But it will pass I know that. Well it did last year didn't it. Few things happened that were note worth.

First flat tire. Lucky it was not my tire but Amy's tire went flat. Dave did a pretty good job of fixing it up had it repaired and we were on our way again with out any trouble. Used the Co2 pump I have, you just put the little air cylinder in there push the button and you are well on your way to having the tire aired up. Have to say I wold recommend one but you should buy a pack of cylinders. I would say it would take two or three to air a tire up. But the flat tire turned into a non event.

We did have another really really odd experience. As we were pedaling along we saw to guys coming at us and I was thinking you know they should wear shirts not everyone wants to see some guy with out a shirt. Then I sort of was thinking man those are tight shorts and they are a funny color. Hey wait a minute something just does not look right but what is it I can't really put my finger on it. There is something really odd about those two. So as I turned around to see what it was, did you guess it they were biking nude. That is just really really wrong hey people bring their kids out here. Put some clothes on idiots.. Guess they lost a bet. But how stupid.

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