Sunday, October 26, 2008

Road trips in the age of Starbucks

Let me start off by saying I don't drink coffee, I don't understand people that do. But I like a glass of Coke with my breakfast to each his own I guess.

But a few of the friends I like to travel with do drink coffee. I recently took a long road trip with one of those friends and witnessed what is like to travel with someone that really I mean really likes Starbucks. The first thing I started to notice was the intense attention to road signs and strip malls next to highway exits. There was the constant look from side to side the brow furrowing in frustration then their face lighting up, the look of calm when their eyes fell on a Starbucks sign. I'm sure if you think back you may have witnessed this too.

Maybe I exaggerate just a bit but I was astounded at my friends ability to spot any Starbucks within a mile of our route. Then there would be the sort of nonchalant "oh hey look there's a Starbucks, lets just swing by". Needless to say I never realized just how infested our country has become with these oasis's of coffee goodness.

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David said...

a small coffee maker in the dashboard of the car... that would do the trick. Along with a long plastic tube(straw) so one could keep both hands on the steering wheel!