Monday, August 23, 2004

Stop the insanity of Electronic packages

Okay how many people are like me they get home with some new keen thing they just picked up at Best Buy or Comp USA, or yes even Walmart. Say your first thumb drive, or maybe that neat new MP3 player you have been wanting. So there you are standing in your home going "cool" can hardly wait, but before you can use your new wonder toy you have to tear your way through it's tamper proof, child proof, open proof plastic encasing. DOH!!!!!

Come on what gives with this, I own the product why do I need a hack saw and a blow torch just to open the silly thing. I don't really thing this industrial strength Kevlar impregnated obstacle slows down thieves that much but it sure is annoying to us consumers when we get the product home..

See I'm a country boy at heart and still carry around a pocket knife (except at airports now, stupid terrorist). Anyhow even equipped with one of the most wonderful inventions made of man, right up there with fire in usefulness, I still struggle and strain to get at my new toy.. I've even sliced open my hand with those silly packages (never the knife just the package).

So here you have it an open letter to manufactures to make it a tad bit easier to get past the packaging of our favorite new gizmos. Come on Please..

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Steve Price said...

Hey I just recently bought a few things from energizer that had a perforated punch out to make it easier to get to the goodies. YEA!!!! Energizer.