Thursday, August 12, 2004

What am I for

I've been looking at some of the stuff on the Internet regarding
people running for office. And just to start this off I'm going
to vote Republican (I can explain later). But I noticed
something about both parties that is showing in the ads and
blogs. It seems that people define their idea by how bad the
other side is not by how good their side is.

Most people that support Kerry spend more time complaining about
Bush than they do extolling how good they think Kerry is. But
the same is true from Bush supporters they tend to speak more on
how bad Kerry is than how good Bush is.

It really made me question somethings. I don't really want my
position to be defined by being against the other party. I want
to be voting because I'm for the party and the ideas of the
person I"m voting for. Not just because I am against what the
other guy stands for.

Seems that the candidates and the people that support them have
bought into the idea that people are only choosing the lesser of
two evils.. So they work to make the other guy seem more evil.
Not convince people that they are better.

So I guess I need to think in terms of what I'm for, not what
I'm against.

So why am I going to vote Republican. I can think of reasons
why not to vote Democrat but I want to think of why to vote

One I got a lot of money back on taxes this year. But I pay a
lot I mean a lot in taxes. So anyone who can lower that tax
burden for me is a plus.

I believe that we should not fool around with gun control. In a
society that is only allowed to have sticks and stones the man
with a gun is king. And by definition is someone is going to
use a gun for a crime they are already a criminal so why would a
low against guns make them less inclined to use one. They are
already committed to breaking the law.

I believe that the whole sale destruction of unborn children is
destroying this nation. We need to slow or stop this. Just
think of the number of children killed each and every day. I
have to take the position because I believe that even though
they are unborn they are living aware children. And there is no
way to be comfortable with what is happening if you believe they
are children. If you don't believe they are children then I
guess you can live with what is happening but just think what
public out cry would be if someone was killing that many puppies
or kittens a day. Aren't unborn children worth more than
puppies or kittens. Save the Unborn Child.

Okay I guess I get to allow one thing that I'm against in the
democratic party to define why I vote the way I do. They tend
to be focusing on this us against the wealth. Pitting one class
of people against the other. The have's against the have not's.
This tactic has been used by way to many really bad people over
history.. The whole idea that the have not's should rise up
and over throw the have's is not a healthy idea for our nation.
And just think about this. From a global stand point all of
America is wealthy, and all of America are the have's..
Remember all American's are in this together and we don't need
to be splitting along class lines.. Oh and if the Democrats are
the party of the have not's and champion of the poor then why do
the richest of the rich, why do the wealthy celebrities support
them so much.. Hmmmmmmm

Okay so to turn that last one in to what I'm for. I'm for
people that do not promote class strife. For a party that will
foster they idea that we are all American's and we are all in
this together and we need to stand up for each other.

So there I've done it. I've tried to define why I'm voting the
way I do because of what I'm for in the party I'm voting for not
because they are just a little less evil than the others.

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