Saturday, December 18, 2004

Joy of Trout Fishing

Joy of Trout Fishing

Ahh the joy of casting your fly line in to a bucket of fish and still not being able to catch one. That is what Trout fishing is all about. The sheer frustration of being able to almost reach out and touch one of the little beauties but still having them come up, look at your offering, taste and spit it out just as you get ready haul him in. Or worse yet the crafty devils that seem to be able to untie fishing line just as you find a fly or lurer that really is working and you are down to your last one along comes that magical fish that can untie the line and run off your your prized fly. What a bother.

Well as you can see I did not leave empty handed this is from the catch made Friday afternoon on our trip to Rockbridge Mo. ( this Oct. I would really recommend it as a place to learn to trout fish. They have some pretty nice places to stay New House being the best. And the staff are always friendly and helpful. And even though you are in effect fishing in a bucket. You quickly realize that even with that you are at a disadvantage.

It is catch and keep so only catch as much as you can afford to buy and store. Helps to get a few people lined up before hand to pass the fish off to.

Fun time was had by all.

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