Saturday, December 11, 2004

Moon Lit

Moon Lit
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Are we on the edge of a field looking at a normal night sky or about to embark on a mystical adventure into a land where fair maids require rescuing and great wrongs are in need of righting. A place of daring deeds where strangers are not afraid to cast their strength to an impossible task because the land cries out against evil and wrong.

Are we men to undertake such action to rise up and go forward. Or should we cower in the darkness afraid of what the next step holds. Afraid of the terror in the ghostly forest. Afraid of the whispers in the dark. Afraid of the very inaction that we take.

No, I say rise up stand for what is right and true go forth to battle go forth to mighty deeds go forth to strive what ever the outcome may be go forth.

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